Drones and Photography: Changing the worldview

Drones and Photography: Changing the worldview

Photography has come a long way since it had its inception in 1839, a year which is considered the year that gave birth to practical photography. Many years and many inventions later photography has also gone ubiquitous and even aerial. The idea of aerial photography came when the design of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV), better known as Drones went commercial after its years of service in the military. As with many of the modern inventions that are in use today these came at the time of millennial generation.

Synthesis of Drones and Photography:

Contrasting to popular belief, aerial photography is much older than you think as the first instance of aerial photography came in the year 1858. It happened when a man known as Gasper Felix Tournachon also known as ‘Nadar’ took photographs of a village in France from a camera tethered to a balloon that went 80 meters up. This means the idea is not a new thing but the advent of drones; things have changed a tad bit more in the field of photography. Drones have given us mobility like never before, so there so many applications of this technology that it is getting rid of many of negative stigmas relating to its military origins. Implementations of it range from product deliveries, agriculture to scientific and recreational use. This is just top of the cream.

Photographers were in awe when they started using drones because in this over-saturated profession drones gave professional photographers a new angle, which was revolutionary. This unique aerial angle gave these innovative photographers an artistic edge because everything changed as they went up with their cameras and everything looked different. This is not just the case with photography as drones are also being used in the production of cinema and television.


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